Professor Evans Osabuohien’s insightful experience at the Lagos Economic Roundtable Discussion on December 20, 2023, echoes the sentiments of “Learning from Yesterday, Thinking Today & Inventing Tomorrow.” The event themed “A Review of Lagos Economy in Year 2023 and the Outlook for Year 2024,” unfolded with the esteemed presence of The President and Chairman of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES), Professor Adeola Adenikinju, alongside council members Dr Emeka Osuji and Dr Ekundayo Mesagan, at Protea Hotel, Lagos, this insightful gathering was orchestrated by the Economic Intelligence Department (EID), led by Director Mrs. Olayinka Modupe Ojo, representing the Lagos State Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.

Mr. Baruwa Basit, the Director of Macroeconomic Statistics at the Lagos Bureau of Statistics, enriched the discussions by representing the Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, contributing insightful remarks that added depth to the deliberations.

The moderation of the event was skillfully handled by Prof Perekunah Bright Eregha, ensuring a balanced and engaging discussion. The panel, featuring distinguished figures like Professor Adeola Adenikinju, Dr. Ayo Teriba, Professor Olufemi Saibu, and Mr. Babajide Komolafe, collectively provided a thorough analysis of the economic landscape of Lagos State for 2024 and beyond.

Here are the key takeaways from this noteworthy event:

A) The Power of Collaboration and Networking: The discussions underscored the critical role of collaboration and networking in navigating the complex web of economic dynamics. Cooperation is not just beneficial but imperative in the complicated economic terrain.

B) Learning from the Past: While the past remains immutable, the emphasis was on extracting valuable lessons to inform future decisions. It serves as a foundational resource for crafting a more informed and resilient future.

C) No One Knows it All: The acknowledgment that no one possesses all-encompassing knowledge served as a humble reminder. Embracing a mindset of continuous learning emerged as a fundamental approach to staying relevant in the ever-evolving economic landscape.

D) ‘Pregnant Optimism’:The concept of ‘pregnant optimism’ resonated as a proactive approach to preparing for the future. It goes beyond mere optimism and embodies a sense of expectation and readiness for what lies ahead

In conclusion, the event left an indelible impression, emphasizing the dynamic nature of Lagos State’s economic trajectory. It emphasized the importance of collaboration, the value of gleaning insights from the past, and the necessity of forward-looking optimism. The discussions transcended the realm of economics, portraying a narrative of collaboration, continual learning, and a proactive stance towards an optimistic future.

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