A warm invitation was sent to Prof. Evans Osabuohien to the ICASuD 2023 Organizing Committee as a distinguished Panel Speaker at the upcoming 3rd International Conference on Africa’s Sustainable Development (ICASuD) 2023.

The focal point of ICASuD 2023 revolves around “Shifting Africa into a Production and Industrialized Economy Amid Global Socio-economic Disruptions.” This theme promises insightful discussions and groundbreaking solutions for Africa’s development in a world marked by transformative challenges.

The conference is slated to hold on Wednesday, October 18, to Thursday, October 19, 2023. It is a virtual and physical event that embraces best of both worlds, allowing participants to engage either virtually or in person. This unique approach ensures that valuable insights and discussions reach a global audience.

ICASuD is an annual international conference hosted by the International Centre for Policy Research and Industry Linkages (ICePRIL). However, for the third edition, ICASuD 2023, the organizers are thrilled to announce that it will be hosted in partnership with Anchor University, Ayobo, Lagos, which will serve as the physical venue for the conference.

The essence of ICASuD 2023 is to bring together cream of researchers, practitioners, investors, and policymakers from universities, research institutions, global agencies, and various organizations in Africa and beyond. The ultimate goal is to explore innovative ways of bolstering sustainable development in Africa, thus fostering enhanced continental competitiveness and stronger cross-continental partnerships.

The conference anticipates a diverse and dynamic congregation comprising entrepreneurs, industry visionaries, business leaders, policymakers, and students. The multifaceted audience will ensure rich dialogues and valuable networking opportunities. According to the organizers, Prof Evans Osabuohien was invited as a speaker as they are confident that his profound insights and extensive experience will be invaluable to the ICASuD 2023 audience, enriching discussions on sustainable practices and thought leadership in Africa and on a global scale. Thus, his gracious presence at ICASuD 2023 is anticipated to be an enlightening and engaging session.
Further details are the conference website https://icasudconference.com/

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