Prof. Evans Osabuohien was one of the selected global authors for the Global Environment Outlook-7 (GEO-7), which is the flagship of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The global authors’ workshop was held in Bangkoak, Thailand, from 13th to 17th March 2023, which was illuminating and stimulating.

The workshop was the first global convergence of authors responsible for drafting the GEO-7. It is the responsibility of the authors to define and agree on the structure and content of the chapters that make the publication. This process involves assessments by co-chairs of the assessment, the Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (IMAG), and the Multidisciplinary Expert Scientific Advisory Group (MESAG).

Prof. Evans Osabuohien was selected as one of the Lead Authors (LA) for Chapter 2, focusing nexus between economic growth and the environment. It is worthy of note that he happens to be the only Nigerian-based researcher among the Global Authors. The three other Nigerian researchers at the workshop are based in Botswana and the United Kingdom. The workshop presented a platform for networking as Prof. Evans Osabuohien met authors in various disciplines from different institutions across the globe.

As indicated in the GEO-7 timeline, some scheduled activities for the process include: collaborating meeting of authors to report on the chapter progress (June 2023); internal review process of the first order draft of the assessment report (September/October 2023); internal review meeting for developing a plan to address comments on the chapters (October 2023). Others include the 2nd Global Authors’ meeting to collaborate on the cross-chapter issues and develop the work plan for peer review (January 2024); expert external review (February/March 2024); attending to the review comments (March 2024); 3rd Authors’ meeting (September 2024); preparing second order draft (September -November 2024); 4th Global Authors’ Meeting (April 2025); and the launch of GEO-7 at United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

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