Prof Evans Osabuohien Speaks on Godly Ways to Achieve Financial Empowerment

As another way of making a credible contribution to humanity, Professor Evans Osabuohien trains participants at Seminar themed Godly Ways of Achieving Financial Empowerment. The event which was held 30th October 2022 was organised by New Life in Christ Jesus Fellowship Centre in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Professor Evans Osabuohien who was the only speaker started by conceptually clarifying that ‘financial empowerment is Not a destination but a journey; it is not about having millions or billions in your bank account but living above financial worries and having what you need without hassles’.

During his presentation, enumerated some of the avenues that participants can take advantage of on their pathways to financial empowerment.  They include: saving (bank, cooperative, FinTech), investment in business outfits; money/bond market; landed property (real estate); writing a book (to earn royalty); getting grants and consultancies; and investing in people. In his words, ‘You prosper progressively when you make people around you productive’.

He concluded the seminar with some helpful tips;

you need at least four main sources of inflows to water your financial garden;
you should endeavour to save/invest an average of 20% of your financial blessings;
to prosper, always think prosperous thoughts and say prosperous words;
what you need is already in you, around you or within your reach;
maintain a functional budget for your financial operations; and
emphasise quality by giving your best whenever you have the opportunity to render any service.

The presentation is Freely Available Online.